“And I wait staring at the Northern Star, I’m afraid it won’t lead me anywhere, He’s so cold he will ruin the world tonight, All the angels kneel into the Northern Lights, Kneel into the frozen lights” – Hole

The world spirals towards madness and chaos. Elves and Dwarves are dwindling in number, and fewer still are aligned with the forces of good. Mankind sits atop a crumbling and corrupt empire, the seat of a new religion that is taking dominance as the old gods start to wane in power. What few halflings that aren’t enslaved in the cities stalk the plains atop fierce fenrir, constantly harried by goblins and their warg allies. Gnomes have become withdrawn, mistrustful and militarized in their hillside strongholds, losing a war of attrition against kobolds, orcs and giants.

In the dark places of the world, the thick forests, benighted caves and crumbling ruins, deranged cultists perform dark rituals to bring forth horrible otherworldly creatures. Some even whisper of madmen mating with these strange beasts and creating foul hybrids to enforce the twisted will of nameless masters.

The world is ready to topple over into the abyss. Will you give it the final nudge, carry on with your life, or rise to fight the insanity? You know what to do. There’s things need slayin’ and loot needs lootin’.

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Northern Star (13th Age)

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